Yuriy Melnyk

Dr. Yuriy Melnyk

Dr. Yuriy Melnyk

IC Founder & IC CEO (Portugal)

PhD in Social Pedagogy, Affiliated Associate Professor of Psychology, MPSI, MIM, MPES

The CEO is responsible for leading the organization. This includes delegating and managing agendas, driving profitability, managing the organization’s structure and strategy, and communicating with the board. The CEO is responsible for setting the strategic goals and objectives of the organization and ensuring that the necessary resources are in place to achieve them.

Proactive researcher with 20+ years of experience in teaching his author’s courses at universities; harmoniously combining the social and research activities in the fields of Education, Psychology, Culture Health. 

Founder of academic and public companies, volunteer centers. Founder of national and international projects (developed and managed 21 projects in the field of Social and Behavioural Sciences). Achieved strategic partnership with foreign companies, higher education institutions, and public organizations (signed cooperation agreements with scientists from 5 continents 17 countries).

Initiated and implemented 20 international academic Conferences (Current Issues of Education and Science, CIES; Psychological and Pedagogical Problems of Modern Specialist Formation, PPPMSF, etc.), as well as 2 international Competitions (Mental Health in the Digital Society, ICMHDS; Blockchain in the Digital Society, ICBDS). 

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of international academic periodical peer-reviewed indexed Journals (IJSA & IJES). APA Member. 

Authored over 200 publications (monographs, textbooks, tutorials, as well as curricula on schooling level, training courses on undergraduate and postgraduate levels). Published over 100 papers in peer-reviewed journals.

I am always open to co-operate with Academics!

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