Iryna Pypenko

Dr. Iryna Pypenko

Dr. Iryna Pypenko

Information Support Manager

PhD in Economics and Management, Affiliated Associate Professor of Management, MIM


The Information Support Manager is responsible for the organization’s information services. Manages the CEO’s agenda, including organizing and scheduling. Manages the inbound and outbound communication system, such as receiving phone calls and messages, transactions, etc. The Information Support Manager is responsible for ensuring the smooth operation and protection of valuable data and information.

Proactive practitioner-researcher with 15+ years of experience in managing research, educational, public organizations and academic journals, including experience in developing their economic potential, relationship marketing for the service sector, logistics and digital services. 

Experienced supervisor who has trained 300+ qualified specialists (BSc, MBA, PhD programs) in the fields of Business, Management, Logistics, and Digital Assets. 

Organizing Committee Secretary & Project Manager for international academic Conference on Current Issues of Education and Science, CIES; international academic Conference on Psychological and Pedagogical Problems of Modern Specialist Formation, PPPMSF. Competitions Secretary & Project Manager for international Competitions (Mental Health in the Digital Society, Blockchain in the Digital Society).

Technical Editor of international academic periodical peer-reviewed indexed Journals (IJSA & IJES).

Authored over 100 academic publications in Economics, Management, Logistics, Digital Assets, and Health Sciences. Published over 40 papers in peer-reviewed journals.

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