Anatoliy Stadnik

Dr. Anatoliy Stadnik

Dr. Anatoliy Stadnik

Technical Support Manager

PhD, Affiliated Associate Professor, MD

The Technical Support Manager is responsible for the technical service operations of the organization.

Supervises IT, engineering and maintenance staff to ensure that network issues are dealt with appropriately, oversees the maintenance and repair of computer systems and software, and maintains networks and connectivity for users.

Proactive researcher with 25+ years of experience in teaching his author’s courses at universities and research activities.
Technical Support Manager for international academic Conference on Current Issues of Education and Science (CIES), international academic Conference on Psychological and Pedagogical Problems of Modern Specialist Formation (PPPMSF). Technical Support Manager for international Competitions (Mental Health in the Digital Society, Blockchain in the Digital Society).
Editor of international academic periodical peer-reviewed indexed Journal (IJSA).

Authored over 100 academic publications (monographs, textbooks, tutorials, as well as training courses on undergraduate and postgraduate levels). Published over 70 papers in peer-reviewed journals.

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